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Discover Your Power Within

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A 60 Minute session assisting a partner in identifying areas he/she is struggling or frustrated with in his/her life or situation and move into what he/she wants instead

We will create goal statements that reflect what the partner wants in present tense. The partner may have an intention he/she is seeking. We will balance by moving into a whole brained state with PSYCH-K® balances.

The partner's system chooses the balances needed for transformation, including those from Basic, Advanced, and Health and Well-Being PSYCH-K® programs: such as Rapport, Belief Points-Energy Focusing, Core Beliefs, Life Bonding, Relationship, Optimal Health Balance, Alternative Life, apparent reactive responses to transform, receiving messages related to the condition, etc.

The partner's system will identify the core beliefs and the balances needed.

A simple action step is identified by the partner to accelerate the changes for the partner to perform in the next 1-2 days if appropriate.

The first time with a partner may extend to a 75 minute session.


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